Style Inspiration

For several years, finding my “style” was something I didn’t view as important or was even remotely concerned with. Recently, though, I have been enjoying the world of fashion and beauty. The idea of slipping on a comfortable dress and feeling like a million bucks is something that I really resonate with. I now realize that you don’t have to give up comfort to feel nice and that “style” isn’t what every other girl is wearing, it is what you feel best in. To me, expressing myself through clothing is a method of creativity. Yes, for me this is quite a new idea but I am enjoying it.

I thought I would share how I have learned to appreciate style and how I found my personal style without having to focus on what everyone in my area was wearing. For those of you who are having trouble finding your personal style or even just want to emulate your personality more through your clothing, I hope my tips on how I found my “style” and how I apply it to my every day life helps.

1. Don’t Focus on Being Different or The Same

 If you like something, wear it. Odds are soon enough you will find your style. Style is a representation of who you are, what you feel, and who you want others to view you as. As sad as it sounds, we often attain an idea of people based on their initial looks. Don’t get too caught up in thinking about what people will see you as, just more of how you want to see yourself. If you are in the store and see an outfit you like, that can become a part of your style. Once you realize what you a drawn to, own it.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open

The most important thing I have found when building my style or trying to feel more myself in what I wear is that the best way to find something you like is to see it on someone else. For me, most of my style inspiration is from street style. Street style is basically what people wear as they walk down the street. What other people wear on a daily basis is usually a good judgement for what you might be interested in wearing. This is not to contradict my previous tip, but to coincide with it. Wearing what someone else wore doesn’t mean that you aren’t being yourself. You may find a new way to spice up what someone else had on and make it feel like you.

3. Don’t Give Up What You Love

Being comfortable has always been super important to me so I decided that I would mesh this with any new outfit ideas. Not giving up what makes you happy and what you feel most like yourself in will help you find what your style truly is. In the same respect, just because you like something, doesn’t mean that everybody will. If you find something and are interested in wearing it, do just that. Don’t hold back.

While these tips seem miniscule and basic, I found that keeping these things in mind really helped me when I was deciding to pay more attention to what I was wearing. Don’t be afraid to be bold or basic, just as long as you feel great in whatever you are wearing.