Before Its Too Late: Bath and Body Works Winter Candles

IMG_4563 Oh yes, it is that time of year again. The winter candle collection from Bath and Body Works is upon us and I dove in head-first. On Black Friday the entire B&BW store was running a deal: “Buy Three, Get Three Free.” Any lovers of the three-wick candles knows that even the 2 for $22 deal isn’t as good of a deal as this. I also had a holiday coupon that took $10 off of my final total as well. While I did some serious damage, winter scents are some of my favorites so I thought I would share my picks.

Vanilla Snow Flake: Vanilla Snow Flake is a warm scent that is more sweet than the other Bath and Body Works vanilla scents. When you light this candle, you feel like you are lbaking cookies and instantly get a feeling of being at home.

Twisted Peppermint: Lighting this candle feels like you are in a candy shop… the scent of peppermint is overwhelming in the best way possible. It’s very sweet so if you generally don’t like sweet scents, I would avoid this. For candy lovers, this smells like the best combination of peppermint and vanilla.

Hot Buttered Rum: OH BABY, this one is seriously the best of my winter picks. I have tried a lot of Bath and Body Candles but this one is slowly making its way up to number one in my heart. Lighting this is like entering into a warm cup of spiced coffee. The hints of vanilla add a warming calm for the winter. This scent adds the perfect amount of spice and warmth to get you through a cold winters night, or even when it is 75 and sunny, as Florida likes to do winter.

Holiday: Holiday is a super spiced, very typical Christmas scent. But, if you’re anything like me, Christmas scents linger on forever in your house. This one smells initially in the can of just cinnamon, but once its lit you smell mass amounts of cinnamon with a hint of Christmas tree. It was a very pleasing surprise.

‘Tis The Season: Initially I was worried that Holiday and ‘Tis The Season would smell too much alike, but after lighting them both, the subtle differences make both a reasonable choice. Personally, I prefer this over Holiday because the balance of cinnamon and pine is more equal. This scent feels more like an all-winter-long type of scent versus Holiday which smells more Christmas centered.

So there you have it! These were my personal choices for the Bath and Body Works winter candles. Since their semi-annual sale is going on right now, you can grab most of these for a little over the price I paid for them.

Comment below with your favorite winter candle scents or if you think I missed any Bath and Body ones.