Realistic Organization Tips


Every New Year, many people make it their goal to get more organized. For those of us in college, a new year means a new semester. Every semester I swear I am going to get organized and then within two weeks papers are already flooding my bag and I am right where I was at the end of the semester. Since this always happens to me, I decided to provide some tips that have been helping me stay organized. Unlike many other goals that you may have set for yourself in the past, these goals are attainable and easy to follow through with.

1. Get a planner and keep up with it

I always tend to buy planners at the start of the semester and then let them sort of fade in the back of bag or on my desk. This year, I urge you all to do as I plan to do. I got one of the Lilly Pulitizer agendas to keep up with my school assignments. I got one of the larger ones because it included both school years. During the beginning of last fall, I only added my school work in the planner but that didn’t really encourage me to look at it because I never had anything to make looking at it urgent. I decided to add the planner to my bag every day and write down blog post ideas, my work schedule, birthdays, or even daily plans just to have the notebook accessible at all times. I always seem to forget my work schedule so checking it in the planner encouraged me to look at my school assignments as well as anything else I seem to have written in there.

2. Set a schedule

It doesn’t matter what it is: make it a habit. There is a reason that it is hard to kick bad habits, once you start doing something it is extremely hard to stop. If you start making good habits, you will find that you learn to do the things you do want to be doing. For example, make one day of the week your laundry day and no matter what, make it happen. After you do it so much, you won’t even notice.

3. Set realistic goals

Goal setting can be one of the easiest ways to accomplish things during the day. For most of us though, we tend to set goals that we have no way of achieving. Sure these goals are great for life-long lists but for day-to-day operations, add things that you simply know you will do. For example, adding something like “do dishes” or “walk dog” are really motivating because once you cross them off of your list you feel more motivated to do they things on your list. Just these simple goals will make things like “study for Anatomy” seem like just another tick on the list.

4. Make time for yourself

When you have so many things to achieve on your “to-do list” it can seem very easy to not do any of it because you want time for Netflix or hanging out with friends. What I have found works best is to include those things in your daily schedule. Include time for a bath or movies or whatever it may be. By doing this, you will feel productive and organized about having fun. This helps with avoiding stress as well, which can be a huge aspect to procrastination. By setting a limit to your free time, you feel like your goals are structured and complete.

5. Tell others you want to get organized

In high school, if I had a huge project I had to do, I would avoid telling anyone about it to almost make it go away. That is the least productive thing to do. Generally, you don’t want to appear like a failure to others but with yourself you can let things slide. Tell your friends and family about projects and encourage them to help you in staying organized. Significant others are the best at helping because you talk to them all day long.

So that’s it! Those are five easy tips to help you stay organized. Just by adding these few things into your life, you should see your productivity rise. I know I have! Let me know in the comments what you do to stay organized.