Lush Holiday Set: Winter Garden

IMG_4605As part of her Christmas gift to me, my best friend got me one of the Lush Holiday Sets. This one was in Winter Garden which was essentially full of rose scents and a few “Christmas-ey” bits.

The kit contained: Rose Jam Shower Gel, Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Ultrabalm, and a Snowcake Bar Soap.

I have already used all of these products so that I could offer a full review of the products and how they worked with my skin.

Rose Jam Shower Gel: Personally, I loved this shower gel. The scent didn’t draw me in because the rose scent is super intense. I’m not usually a lover of rose, but once applying it to the skin with a washcloth, the scent dissipated and didn’t linger with the outrageous smell of roses. The gel meshed with my skin and made it feel silky after only one wash. After I washed with this gel multiple times, I noticed my body holding the moisture in throughout the day.

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder: This product was one of the only ones that I was particularly disappointed with. The concept sounds great: you dust this powder all over your body once you get out of the shower and instantly feel moisturized, but the execution was lacking. The powder didn’t stick to my skin as I hoped. It just fell all over the floor. What did make it on my skin smelled nice but didn’t provide any moisture. I am thinking of trying this product while still in the shower, just once the water is off, in order to avoid a mess and see if it truly does its job. As of now though, I don’t see me using this powder on a daily basis.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: What a wonderful concept, a conditioner for your body! I really do love this product as it acts as a conditioner for after you use your usual shower gel (or in this case the Rose shower gel). Where as the Rose Jam gel smells very strongly of rose, the conditioner is slightly diluted and that made me love it even more. As someone who isn’t a rose fanatic, I find it hard to resist this scent. The subtleties of the scent make it smell like the perfect winter rose. When applied with the Rose Jam gel, it conditions the body smoothly. It leaves you with a bit of a tack that leaves you feeling moisturized all day long.

Ultrabalm Body Balm: This tiny tube claims that it is a slave for all of your “bits”. Upon reading that, my friends and I had to know more. Was this a universal moisturizer? To what bits were they referring to? Okay…enough with the nonsense. The bits are basically anything. Yep, that’s right. While this salve is perfect for elbows and lips, the package claims that you can even tame flyways with it.  On the lips, there was a bit of texture to the salve that made them feel very fresh in the morning. I can see myself using this before bed on both my lips and elbows.

Snowcake Soap: A concurrent theme in this package is that all of the products are very hydrating, which is perfect for the winter time. This soap lathered up very nicely but didn’t dry my skin at all. This combination really surprised me as bar soaps can generally be a bit more drying than those from the tube. Overall, I prefer the gel body wash that comes in the package more, but this Snowcake Soap really impressed me. The scent is a mild mix that really just pays off as a soft vanilla when applied to the skin. It was very refreshing and hydrating to use.

Those are all of my thoughts on the Lush Winter Garden Holiday Set! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know below!