2015 Aspirations



Well, it is officially four days into the new year and I have finally decided what I would like to accomplish during these 361 remaining days. This photo of me above was taken at the Top of The Rock in New York City this past month. The trip was by far one of the best experiences of 2014 (and generally of my life so far) so it only felt proper to include it.

Honesty time: I have never made or followed a New Year’s Resolutions and I don’t plan on starting now. For this post, I just hope to make some general goals that I will try my hardest to keep up with. I find that when people set unattainable goals for themselves, they put more stress on their lives by trying to keep them. But, for 2015 there are some goals I would like to achieve (as I do every year, month, and day) and I thought what a better place to document these aspirations then right on my blog.

1. Be More Engaged

 I feel like sometimes we work, we go to school, we eat, and we sleep…and then wake up and do it all again. This year I want to be more engaged. See more, do more, live more. I hope to take more chances and break out of my comfort zone in this new year.

2. Work Harder

In 2014, I felt as though I made a lot of excuses. I tried to blog, but became too busy. I tried to be the best I could in school, but sleep prevailed. The list continues with little missteps that I hope to surpass this year. In 2015, I want to transfer colleges (as I will be finishing my AA this year), possibly move out, and work to maintain my relationships.

3. Be Creative

In 2015, I hope to write every single day. While in high school I found it easy to keep my notebook on me and scratch thoughts, stories, memories, anything really, to keep my creativity up. I was editor of the yearbook staff: constant writing was a must. After graduation my writing slipped to a few times a week, at best, and I can feel the repercussions of that fall every single day. I want to create, not only words, but ideas.

4. Love Wiser

It seems as though with every passing year a new insecurity comes along. In 2015, I want to shed myself of those doubts and make the most of my relationships (both romantic and platonic) and be a better friend, daughter, girlfriend, or acquaintance. Also, more dog kisses in 2015 (if that is physically possible).

5. Get Healthy: Mentally and Physically

Yes, this goal is the same one every human in the world will set. Yes, I still think it is one of the best goals to have. This year my mental fitness will also be a goal, though. In 2015, I want to clean up my diet, start light exercise, and be more physically active. In the same respect, I want to clean up my mind. I aspire to learn more, read more, and do more.

Dear 2014, for all of your beautiful and wonderful times, I say thank you. You truly held some of the most refreshing times in my life. But don’t you think I am forgetting all the challenges you threw my way.

2015, we’re coming for ya.