The Bob: Emma Stone Inspired Haircut

2014 was arguably the year of the bob. From Ashley Benson to Taylor Swift to Emma Stone (my hair inspiration), the bob was a hit. I had been wanting to make the cut for months but seemed to miss my last three hair appointments. Can you say dead ends?

Anyway, yesterday I snapped this photo of me as a “before” picture. You can see that my hair was slightly longer in the front than in the back from a previous hairstyle, but overall my hair was just a straightforward cut. I had been growing bangs out for a few months now, as you can probably tell in the photo.

IMG_4670 before picture fixSo this was my before! I was so ready to cut off all my hair and I have no regrets now. You can see from my before photo, the length of my hair makes me look pretty young.



IMG_4702 after picture

Here it is! This is my new haircut and I cannot explain how much I love it. I feel like I aged a few years as I lost a few inches. My haircut was inspired by Emma Stone’s Cabaret cut. I opted to go a little bit longer than her initial cut on my first go, but next time I feel like I will probably cut even more off. I also decided to let my bangs finish growing out before I cut them again, so I left that part of Emma’s hair out of my cut as well.

My hairdresser had her concerns when I showed her my idea but once she made the chop she couldn’t get over how much she liked it. She recommends going shorter next time. Let me know what you think below!

I am loving the light, easy look.