Philosophy Purity Cleanser: Worth the Hype?

IMG_4765Philosophy is one of those brands that you constantly hear about but never really know if the hype is justified or just simply hype.

One of their most popular products, the Purity cleanser, is talked about regularly on blogs and receives nearly 5 stars on most websites in which the product is sold.

For a complete description, I decided to use the one that is found on the Sephora website because they provided more in depth details than the actual Philosophy site.

The Claim

Sephora says:

What it is:
An award-winning, highly effective one-step facial cleanser to tone and hydrate skin.

What it is formulated to do:
Begin with the most basic step of all. Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser is an award-winning cleanser that melts away dirt, oil, and makeup. It tones and lightly hydrates in one simple step for skin that feels perfectly clean and comfortably balanced. Formulated for all skin types and gentle enough for the sensitive eye area, it deep cleans pores while natural oil extracts help condition skin.”


The Experience

I don’t naturally have problem skin, but I was feeling quite a few breakouts when I decided to buy this product. I purchased it on Black Friday and have been using it nightly ever since. I suffer from mostly hormonal breakouts and redness on my face. I also have a few dark spots around my chin that I normally like to use a toner on just for the added benefit. This product claims to have that affect.

I began with my normal makeup remover (more on that in an upcoming Skin Care Routine post) and then went in with the Philosophy cleanser. I started by massaging it into my face without applying extra water and it felt very creamy and gentle. After adding some water to my hands the product immediately foamed up. While I don’t have dry skin, I do have combination meaning that there are some spots on my face that are naturally drier than the rest. I normally avoid products that foam because these tend to dry the skin out. With this product, though, I didn’t notice any abnormal drying and my skin didn’t feel tight after using it. I liked how little of product I had to use and how clean and refreshing I felt afterward. While I don’t think this product would remove a full face of makeup, it did a great job of getting off what my cleansing oil left behind.

The Verdict

Okay, I am a convert. I was truly skeptical about the quality of the product due to how many people speak about it (yes, I am one of those people).
The next day my hormonal acne was completely cleared. I am not exaggerating a bit. I even applied a small amount to my chest and washed it off in the shower to remove a spot I had and by the next day it was completely gone.

The formula didn’t dry my skin out nor did it irritate my eyes. I have been using this cleanser daily and I have still barely made a dent in the product. I feel as though after I started using this product the spots on my chin are less prominent and that my overall complexion has drastically improved.

I will be repurchasing the product (and in a larger quantity) to use daily. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin.

Worth the hype: Yes