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#MusicMonday: The Maine, American Candy


Bringing you a very late #MusicMonday because The Maine has just released their new album American Candy. If there is one thing I love in music, it is great progression. For bands in the pop/rock genre, it is frequently the lack of progression that makes me lose interest. As far as progression goes, The Maine has done it better than any other and American Candy is no exception.

American Candy vowed to be an album that would be the best collection of sounds from the band’s previous albums but still very original. If The Maine has proven anything, it is that they are never short on originality. Since the release of Pioneer, The Maine has released music that is genuine, smart, and kick-ass. American Candy is everything I hoped it would be.

The album intertwines the best of The Maine. We can hear cheeky pop tunes that are vaguely reminiscent of their Black and White days. Dark, twisted lyrics that remind us of their most recent release Forever Halloween. Still though, there is an untouched sound found in this album. American Candy sounds like summer. Turn this album on, roll your windows down, and live because that is the listening experience that American Candy craves.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if you wrote The Maine off as a cheap pop/rock act, rethink everything you’ve ever known. This band remains one of the most talented and originals acts around.

The Maine, American Candy: 4.5/5

Album Review: The Maine- Forever Halloween Deluxe Edition

the maine FH deluxe

I often think back to the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop days of The Maine and sit baffled. This band never fails to impress me with something new. I don’t know why I keep questioning that they won’t be able to top their latest work. At this point, the only option is to embrace the sheer brilliance that is The Maine.

That being said, Forever Halloween was a fantastic album. Since I never posted the review on this site, take my word for it, Forever Halloween was The Maine’s best album to date. Although I was sure nothing could top Pioneer, I was totally wrong. This re-release did just that again.

I was pretty skeptical of a re-release because sometimes they can feel, frankly, pointless. The point of this re-release was very clear. If The Maine hadn’t sold you on the power and solidity of their rock roots yet, after listening to this re-release there is no way around it.

The deluxe edition features five new songs that are a perfect mix of punk influences (see Ice Cave if you don’t believe me) and familiar pop-rock tunes from The Maine. Although the sound of these songs is very familiar to the band, they are nothing like we have heard before. These songs are pure rock and roll. I am a firm believer that this band will never stop impressing me.

If The Maine fell off of your radar, stop what you’re doing and put them back on. This re-release only has me craving more from this talented quintet. I have learned, and hopefully you have to, that this band is capable of anything. Of the five tracks, those that are most standout to me are Ice Cave, a fan favorite from live performances that finally has the studio release it deserves, and Bliss, a rock tune that’s pop influences are comfortably woven through. So Criminal, the first of the five, is probably the best mix of the band’s former work with their more recent releases. The sound of this song feels like The Maine.

It always seems that the everlasting question that arises with The Maine is: what more can they really do? This release coupled with that of the original Forever Halloween debunks all skepticism that I may have had lingering (though, at this point, it was slim to none).


The Maine- Forever Halloween Deluxe Edition: 10/10