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Does It Work: Pinterest Shaving Hack

IMG_4283The Claim

I saw a pin a few days ago that claimed that shaving with Baby Oil Gel was a lasting alternative to average shaving with a shaving cream.

Here is the original pin that grabbed my attention:

The pinner stated that they experienced very smooth skin and had to shave even less. Let me just say, if anything says I have to shave less and I know it is good for my skin, I’m down to try it.

I went to the baby aisle and picked up the gel, which ran for about $4, maybe less. That is roughly the same price I pay for my Skintimate Shave Gel, so in that regards it was not a steal. The pin claimed, though, that this method would result in less shaving, hence less need for the gel and so on and so forth.

I have pretty sensitive skin on my legs, resulting in me having to use sensitive razors and not being able to use cheap shaving creams either. Baby Oil is so hydrating that I knew it would be alright for my razor rash, but I wasn’t too sure how it would hold up to the claim of it providing a long-lasting shave.

The Experience

After I bought the gel, I was so excited to give it a go that I hopped into the shower and went to tame the beasts (my legs). I used my standard Venus Sensitive razor, which is really the only razor I can use.

Initially, I found it tough to shave with the gel being so thick, but once I got the hang of that, the actual shaving process wasn’t difficult. Though this was true, the gel still proved to be a problem. Since the gel has such a sticky consistency, the hair literally clung to the gel and the inside of the razor. My shower and shave time increased by over 5 minutes due to the fact that I had to hold the razor under water to remove the hair build up (gross, right?). I even attempted to swirl the razor in a cup of water to release some of the build up but this was unsuccessful. On top of all of that, once the gel finally came out of the razor, it stuck to the sides of my tub. My bath tub was covered with tiny black hairs that adhered to my tub due to the thickness of the gel.

Aside from the clumping and hairs, the biggest complain I had while using this method was that my razor had roughly half the longevity that it normally did. With traditional shaving methods, I got a few good days, maybe even a week, with the razors I use. With the Baby Oil method, the razor was shot after two uses. The lubricated strip on the razor withered away and the blades became rough and useless.

After my shave, my legs were magnificently soft. Like wow, these babies could stop the world kind of soft. But, when using Baby Oil you have to apply extra sun screen as it allows you to burn more, so that just aided to product waste.

The Verdict

If it is not already obvious at this point, I am not still using the Baby Oil method. I used about 1/4 of the bottle and quit. The cost of replacing my very expensive sensitive razors was not worth the soft skin.

I feel as though my hair maybe didn’t grow as fast, but certainly nothing drastic as the Pinterest post had made it seem. I still found myself shaving every day and taking much longer while doing so because I had to de-clump my razor.

Although Baby Oil provides you with soft legs, the effect it has on your razors, your bath tub, and your wallet is not worth it.

In this case, this Pinterest post was a fail. If you want to follow me on Pinterest to see more of what I am liking, just click here!


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation


First things first, we need to get the whole skin tone situation down before we go any further into this… I am fair. I mean, really fair. I jokingly state that I have two shades: my summer shade, “white AF”, and my winter shade, “is that a ghost or a girl?”. Needless to say, finding a foundation that works and looks amazing on such fair skin isn’t an easy task. Generally speaking, pale people tend to have pink undertones with the occasional yellow-toned girl. I find myself to be neutral and can’t use anything that comes off unnaturally yellow or pink.

I have found my holy grail. Yep, I said it. While I haven’t tried every foundation in the world, this one kicks some serious ass. The Tarte Amazonian Clay foundations had so much hype surrounding them that I knew I needed to give it a try and see if I felt as attached to this product as the seemingly rest of the free world did. I picked up the shade “Fair Sand”, which is described as fair skin with yellow undertones. Personally, this foundation blends flawlessly into my skin and doesn’t come across as “too yellow”. The girl in Ulta wanted to shade match me before I made the purchase and she agreed, this foundation was made for my lifelessly pale skin.

Beware: photo of me fresh-faced is now going to be inserted.


As you can see, my skin is generally clear from acne, although I do suffer from time-of-the-month-mountain-on-face syndrome and I always get small pimples after I get my brows waxed (does this happen to anyone else?).  My biggest concerns are some discoloration around my chin, awful dark circles, and redness.

I have been using my Real Techniques Blending Sponge to apply the product and it seems to do the trick. I put the foundation in small dots around my face and then just stipple it out. After one very thin coat this is what my face looked like:


When I say thin coat, this is probably a pea-sized amount of product on my face. I don’t believe I have found a foundation that compares in dark circle coverage. This foundation is a perfect match for my skin tone as well. The look, even without primer, is flawless.

The finish is very natural, due to the Amazonian Clay, and leaves my face feeling as if I am not wearing foundation at all.

Website Claims:

“Achieve flawless skin that looks healthy and natural. This supremely blendable, buildable and full coverage formula delivers up to 12 hours of satin-matte coverage with a weightless texture. Reduce the appearance of pores, discolorations and imperfections and ensure a perfectly flawless complexion every time with this best seller.”

Final Opinion:

Okay, I couldn’t save my final opinion for the end. If you are reading this far you know that I love this foundation. The color match is flawless and with the multiple shades they offer, I think anyone would be able to find a match. The coverage is full and flawless. The claim I was worried about was the 12-Hour because I purchased this foundation specifically for my outside graduation in Florida. If you have ever been to Florida in June, you know the humidity is no joke. I wore this and felt that it stayed put throughout the sweat and lasted all evening. I prefer a satin to matte finish anyway, so this foundation was perfect for me. There are also 1.7 fl oz in this foundation which is almost unheard of. I mean seriously, that is a lot of product. As the cheap skate I am, this helped me pull the metaphorical trigger and splurge.


In this ridiculously close shot of my face you can tell that the spots around my chin are almost completely gone and my pores are less visible. I like my freckles to still be prominent on my face because I feel like they make me feel natural and like myself so this coverage is perfect for me.


Here is my completed face with some basic every day makeup on (all hail the concealer gods). I love this foundation and would recommend that if you have been thinking about it, as I had for months, go purchase it!

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. SPF 15. $38.00 USD.