24 Hours in Sedona: Sedona, AZ Travel Guide

Hello, world! If you ask me there is no way to kick off a New Year like a trip to the other side of the country.

Trevor and I took a trip to Arizona at the end of January. Our trip consisted of two nights in Phoenix, a night in Sedona and a trip to the Grand Canyon. While the whole trip was certainly something to report back on, today I’m divulging all of the details from our night in Sedona.

Sedona quickly became one of my favorite places I have ever visited. I’m certain I could spend a full weekend there. We tried to cram as much as we could into our quick 24 hours in the land of red rocks.

As a girl from the east coast, I felt enchanted by the colors and atmosphere in Sedona. It felt like a special place as soon as we drove into the city.

What We Did

Before we hit our resort, we set off immediately for Devil’s Bridge Trail, a hike not too far from the main strip in Sedona.

The hike starts off with a straight walk through a bit of dirt. The walk is easy, although the higher elevation definitely took a toll on me. The walk is a bit strange in that you are walking along a dirt road where Jeeps (and other cars fit for off-roading) drive. Nevertheless, the views are breathtaking.

After about a mile, you start to climb rocks. The climb increases in intensity the closer you get to the top. I left my proper tennis shoes at home so I climbed in my Vans. Let’s be honest–definitely would not recommend, but if I could make it in those I wouldn’t worry. There were definitely spots where I regretted the lack of grip on my shoes. I wouldn’t recommend this hike if there was ice on the ground either.

The hike took us about 3 hours, including time for photos. It was such an amazing part of the trip and a great way to welcome ourselves to Sedona. I would recommend this trail to anyone, but will say that it may be more difficult if you aren’t physically fit for climbing.

Where We Stayed

From the hike, we made our way straight to our resort. Thanks to an accumulation of points, we were able to stay at the Amara Resort and Spa.

It was certainly a gorgeous hotel with an amazing view, but if we hadn’t stayed there for practically free, we definitely would have chosen something more practical.

Because we had a night of luxury, we took full advantage and spent an hour in the hot tub. The view was spectacular and it was such a relaxing end to a busy day.

Where We Ate

For dinner we ate at the highly-recommended Dahl & Di Luca They are famous for their pasta, most of which they make in house. Trevor ordered the Pollo alla Rustica and it was amazing. The homemade noodles just melted in our mouths. I will say–there is a reason they are a pasta house. I made the mistake of ordering the Salmon because I wasn’t that hungry and I regretted it. My mistake, of course, but I would only recommend the pasta if you make your way to this place.

The next morning we were fully rested from our ridiculously extravagant stay. We were heading north to the Grand Canyon from here so we knew we wanted to eat something light, but filling.

We stopped at Berry Divine Açaí Bowls and absolutely loved them. The bowls were fresh, filling–and they had a drive thru!

24 Hours Later

We had such a wonderful day in Sedona. I have never been any other place in the world that was as vibrant and welcoming as Sedona. If I ever return, I already plan to rent ATVs and do more hiking. Twenty-four hours later we set off to our next destination, but I am still dreaming of those Sedona views.