Sam Brittingham // The World According to Sam

Hi, friends! I’m Sam. Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

If you are passionate about seeing the world, having the biggest experiences on the smallest budgets, local spots that are so good you should probably keep them a secret, perfectly crafted playlists, outfits that make you feel powerful, and female empowerment–you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully this can be your corner of the Internet as well.

The World According to Sam started in 2015, but I have been blogging in various forms for as long as I can remember. When I was 9, my sister and I created an online magazine with cut out photos of our favorite TV stars. When I was 13, I would spend hours editing my MySpace, and eventually Tumblr, themes. I snapped photos of my friends and would sit on Photoshop for hours to find the perfect coloring. In high school I wore the proper nerd crown and served as yearbook editor.

For college, I followed my passion for writing straight to the University of Florida (Go gata) as a journalism major. When it came time to find a “big girl job” I realized that I loved more than just the words on the page. Sure, I loved to write but I loved to create a welcoming digital experience more than anything. With a journalism degree in my pocket, I carved my way into the tech space.

I packed my bags and flew from my little Florida nest and landed in North Carolina. Here I live with Trevor, my travel companion and boyfriend, and our two pups. In our free time we travel the world, ride bikes, take photos and attend far too many concerts. I plan to share a bit of all of that here.

I guess you may be wondering how I found my way back to the blog nearly five years after it’s creation. As an adult, it is hard to find places to fill all of your creative needs. I create beautiful web designs at work, but I realized I missed writing. I realized that I need both. So I’m brushing the dust off the old blog and sharing the things I am most passionate about.

I hope you’ll enjoy the look into my world. I would love if you’d share yours with me too.

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